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These galleries showcase my aptitude for capturing different elements of the scientific process. 
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I have combined my interest in the natural world with patience to capture photos of creatures in their natural habitat. I have honed my skills at capturing wildlife in photos without putting myself or the creature at any risk. 


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I have become adept at capturing weather and weather phenomena in both photographic and video forms. I have developed my understanding of techniques and combine this with an ever-improving understanding of weather and doggedness to end up in ideal locations to capture these phenomena as they take place. 


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I have learned a substantial amount about the intricacies of capturing stars, the Milky Way and astronomical landscape photos in recent years. I have also learned about how to capture night scenes in time-lapse form and can use these photographic and video skills to enhance any story that people or organisations are looking to tell. 

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A common theme throughout my pursuit of photos and videos is the ends I will go to to capture imagery that is engaging, interesting and informative for viewers. This level of commitment cannot be explained in words alone, however some of the images below demonstrate my pursuit of the image. 

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